How to Combat Your Worst Beauty Travel Mishaps

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/13/2015 | 02:24 PM EDT

We’ve spoken to you all about staying cool and collected in the summer, especially when it pertains to beauty and traveling. But, we wanted to get a little deeper into the 4 main issues many women battle when traveling and trying to maintain a great beauty routine.

Dive in to our best key words of advice for you to keep your skin and body on point while traveling this summer. 

Dealing with Sunburn

One of the hardest things to combat during the summer is the harshness of sunburn. For some, they don’t really realize they’ve overdone the tanning thing until it’s too late. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t restore healthy skin after the sun has had fun with your skin.

The solution: Use an aloe infused treatment such as a balm or lotion, to treat your sunburn problem. If you want to add a more potent treatment, use the aloe juice from the plant leaves directly, instead of a cream or lotion.


Dealing with Summer Acne and Breakouts

They’re gross and super annoying, but they can be handled. Most of the time, the dry air from traveling on planes, trains and buses causes our skin to over-produce oil, thus making our skin prone to breakouts.

The solution: Add an additional layer to your skin before you get on a plane, train or bus and after. Also, once you hit your destined location, throw on a quick sheet mask for added moisture.


Dealing with Excess Oiliness

Again, dry summer heat can cause over-production of oil. But on top of that, the humidity can cause us to sweat profusely. It’s like we can’t win. But, we can.

The solution: Stay away from mattifying powders on super hot days, and instead utilize the simplicity of oil absorbing sheets. Sometimes, using an oil absorbing powder will cause your pores to clog, and we don’t want that.


Dealing with Puffy Eyes

There’s a lot of jet lag, sleepless nights and drained energy from traveling that many of us experience during the summer. This can lead to puffy, dehydrated eyes. But, there’s a cure.

The solution: Moisture, moisture, and moisture! We keep bringing this up, but you must moisturize your eyes, on the inside and around. Use eye drops to keep dry eyes away, and utilize heavier creams for under your eyes. Trust, you’ll be thankful you did.


Dealing wit Dry Skin

We know, you’re probably thinking: how could someone have dry skin in the summer? But, this is very possible. Again, most of this comes from traveling on planes that lack moisture in the air. But there’s another simple solution.

The solution: Hydration! Drink plenty of water, rub a good body oil in before your flight and add a layer of moisturizer to your face before your flight takes off!

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