3 DIY Summer Face Masks You Can Make at Home

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/13/2015 | 05:02 PM EDT

That’s right: we’re at it again for healthy summer skincare. It’s a never-ending topic that we can’t get enough of. Another thing we all can’t get enough of: hydrating masks that take our skin from drab to fab.

But, not everyone has extra money to spend on high end products. Below, we’ve listed 3 different at-home masks you can create on a friendly budget, and still get the same effects from a store bought brand.

We’ve broken down 3 different masks ideas for 3 different skin problems. Here’s to healthy, summer glowing skin.

For dry skin:

You want your mask to gently exfoliate while re-hydrating your skin with optimal moisture.

Our pick: The Strawberry Mask

Ingredients: 2-3 Strawberries, 3 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and ¼ cup of rolled oats.

How to: Blend your oats to a powder consistency in a food processor, and then mix all of the ingredients together. You can do so in a blender if that’s easier. Apply to your face for 10 minutes. While rinsing off, rub the mixture in so that the strawberries can gently exfoliate your skin while the honey adds moisture.


For acne prone skin:

You want a mask that will help combat acne and add moisture.

Our pick: The Probiotic Oil Face Mask

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of grape-seed oil, 2 drops of lavender essential oil and 3 capsules of live cultured probiotics.

How to: Mix the 2 oils together, and then throw in the rest of the ingredients. Be sure to mix them to a semi-thick consistency so that the mask stays on your face. Then, wipe off.

This works because the lactic acid in the probiotics will help get rid f acne causing bacteria and the oils will naturally hydrate your skin.


For getting rid of scars and hyperpigmentation:

You want to use a natural bleaching product, like the citrus in grapefruits or lemons to get rid of scars while hydrating your skin.

Our pick: The Grapefruit and Egg White Mask

Ingredients: 1 egg white (beaten), juice from a grapefruit or lemon, 1 tablespoon of raw honey and ½ cup of rolled oats (optional)

How to: In one bowl, whip the egg white until it’s frothy and then add in the rest of the ingredients. Apply to your face for 10 minutes and then rinse.


Always remember to add your own layer of moisture after each rinse. Skin care can sometimes be about trial and error. So, if these don’t happen to work for you, ask your dermatologist or esthetician for other natural recommendations. 

(Photo: pinkypills/Corbis)

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