3 Beauty Trends You Should Try this Weekend

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/10/2015 | 10:33 AM EDT

Go 'head girl, live a little!

It’s the weekend and we just want you to let your hair down. Have some fun, do something wild and try a new beauty trend you haven’t tried before. Need a push? We pulled a few of our faves out of our beauty bag!

Matte red lips

You don’t even need to dress up to rock a matte red, we just want you to put it on. Look at Riri and how she ran the NYC streets in jogger pants, a fitted hat and a t-shirt. It’s so not that hard. Just slap on a good, clean face of foundation and swipe on Ciate’s Lip Chalk in vampy red.

A long, long high ponytail

Because, duh…there’s nothing more playful than the faux high ponytail. Just ask Nicki. But in all seriousness, if you plan on doing something exciting with the girls (or with you boo) live on the wild side and play around with a fun ponytail.

A sheer manicure

It’s one of the season’s best asset: the barely there manicure. Mostly because if it chips, you won’t be able to tell. But, also because there is something sexy about sheer nail polish colors. One of our favorites is Essie’s Pink-A-Boo. It’s dainty and soft, but uber feminine.

What other beauty trends will you ladies try this weekend? Let us know in the comments below. 

(Photo: Getty Images/Blend Images)

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