Should More Celebs Post “No-Makeup” Selfies?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/09/2015 | 04:04 PM EDT

A few weeks ago, model mogul Tyra Banks posted a picture on her Instagram account, showing off her “no makeup” face in silly selfie. In her caption, she goes on about how many people (women in particularly) post selfies while claiming to have no makeup or filters applied, knowing darn well they do. It’s a funny post coming from the supermodel herself. Given that she represents the perfection many young women aspire to have or attain, Banks selflessly posted one of the worst and best pictures of herself that we’ve ever seen. But, there’s something even cooler about this.


For so long, before social media was what it has become, celebrities and notables alike have always made us feel as though there was a piece of their lives we would never be able to attain. That piece was the idea that they were perfect. They had no cellulite, no scars, no freckles, no imperfections. They were epitome of perfection.


But then, social media happened. Blogs happened. Real time celebrity news happened. These platforms allowed us access to celebrities that generations before us never had. On one hand, they push themselves in front of our faces via Instagram and Twitter for more publicity. But on the other, they are pushed to the forefront, giving us insight into their lives that we never had before.


So, when Trya decided to post a selfie of her bare face we’re used to seeing made up, it made me wonder if more celebrities we praise in perfection should do the same.


Why did I think about this? For starters, celebrities doing so could help relieve many young teens and adults from the pressure of being “perfect”. Yes, I know it isn’t their responsibility to do so and we all may know that perfection is a lie. But, when you’re an impressionable teen looking up to the Beyonces and Tyras of the world, you secretly wish to be like them. You want to look like them, dress like them and have bodies like them. You want their perfect hair, skin, nails and clothes. So when celebrities like Tyra post images of themselves in the raw, it’s not only cool to see, but also a possible inspiring effective way to help young girls feel good in their own skin. Seeing a model like Tyra Banks show her imperfections could just as easily affect young women as seeing her dolled up and dressed to the nines.


While I’ll never believe that celebrities owe us anything, it’s good to know that women like Tyra are taking a stance on helping young women (and men for that matter) feel good about who they are, naturally.


Kudos to you Tyra for being unafraid to show that just like us “everyday women”, celebrities have imperfections, too. We’re all beautifully imperfect.



(Photos: Tyra Banks via Instagram)

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