3 Reasons You Should Probably Stop Using Lotion for Oils

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/08/2015 | 05:17 PM EDT

This is something you probably don’t want to hear, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Lotion may be the one skin care product you’ll ditch soon. Don’t believe me? Find out why below.


Body oils have fewer “engineered” ingredients than lotions

There are more man made ingredients in lotions that help preserve the lotion itself. And while that means your lotion will last longer, it also means that you may have more chemicals in your lotion that you’d like. The best bet is to really moisturize with an essential oil, or a combination of essential oils.


They absorb into your skin faster

Body oils have little to zero ingredients blocking them from absorbing into your skin, therefore allowing your skin to become as moisturized as possible. They also don’t leave residue on top of your skin like many other lotions. The best way to apply body oils or lotions is to slather it on while your skin is still a tad damp, after a shower or bath.


They offer multi-usage

You’ll be able to use many oils for your body, skin and hair, saving you a good amount of money. You’ll also enjoy the natural smells that essential oils offer than lotions don’t. So go ahead and find your best body oil, and let us know if you plan on going back to lotions any time soon.



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