3 Quick Fixes to Chipped Nails

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/07/2015 | 03:35 PM EDT

'Cause sometimes you don't have time for an emergency trip to the nail shop

Summer is one of the prime seasons where women step out to get their regular manicures and pedicures. But, summer is also the time where we are dipping in the pool, swimming in the oceans and spending a lot of time doing adventurous things. In other words: we’re having a ball, but our nails aren’t.


The excess amount of water we come in contact with can make our nails brittle and weak, leading to breaks and chips. But, we’ve found a few quick ways to prevent and deal with these nail annoyances during the fun summer time.


Keep a small nail glue bottle around

Having one in your desk, purse or even luggage will be good enough. They’re very cheap and super small, so you won’t have to worry about anything. Just keep these around in case you have a chipped nail pop up out of nowhere. The best bet is to use the nail glue to place your nail back in tact, and let it grow out.


Dress it up in a different polish

Most of the time we don’t have the same polish that the salon used on our manicures. If a really bad chip occurs, reach in your selection (or your closest drugstore) for a fun glitter or metallic color that you can use to cover up the chip. It will just look like you decided to opt for a fun manicure.


Look for a brick building around your office

This is so random, but if you don’t have a nail file or nail clipper in sight, you can always use a brick building to file down the chipped nail. It works like a charm! Just be careful not to file too hard, and prepare for people to look at you like you’re crazy.


(Photo: Zero Creatives/Corbis)

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