Contouring May Have Just Gotten Easier With this Special Brush

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/06/2015 | 04:22 PM EDT

Doll 10's BlendSmart Rotating Foundation brush will change your life

Can I just say something? Yeah? Okay, good.


Contouring is super nice and really fabulous but it is really, really hard to do. Why? Because if you don’t know how to blend properly, you’ll pretty much waste your time applying all of the strategic darker, lighter and bronze foundations to your face, not knowing how to blend them. The purpose of contouring is to get that chiseled effect. But who the hell can do all of that without understanding the art of blending?


No one can.


So, there was a company that decided to make this easier for you. Doll 10 made this brush, called the BlendSmart Rotating Foundation brush to help women like you and me blend our makeup to perfection. Now, I’ll admit I’m a beauty girl and I can throw down at the vanity. But there is no woman who wouldn’t like to cut her makeup application time in half by applying her foundation quicker.


The brush comes with a few different brush heads, sort of like the Clarisonic cleanser. You can purchase one for applying your blush or foundation. This electronic tool also works well with crème, liquid and even powder foundations, making it versatile and worth the investment.


Whether or not you’re a queen of wearing makeup, or just getting started, this could actually be a cool investment for you or a perfect gift for your beauty obsessed girlfriends. 

(Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis)

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