Wait, What On Earth Is “Strobing”?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/02/2015 | 04:39 PM EDT

...and should Black women do it?

Seriously, there is always a new “thing” to hit the beauty world. But most of them are just new names for old beauty tricks. Strobing is the new name for highlighting. Basically.


But the more important question is: should Black women strobe? Well yes, yes we should. Here’s why:


Strobing is designed to strategically highlight areas around the face, to create a naturally glowing contour. Some even call it the anti-contouring method, since you’re using shades of shimmer that are much lighter than your complexion to create dimension. With contouring, you’re using darker and lighter shades that don’t have an added shimmer to them.


You’re basically highlighting the top of your cheekbones, the bow of your lip, you temples, and even the inner corners of your eyes. You’ll most likely use a shimmery highlighter product in a silver, gold, bronze or pink-ish color for the best effect.


Many makeup artists are speaking on the new term, making it clear that this is nothing new. Strobing has been a long-living beauty trick for eons. But, the resurgence of its importance is probably due to the fact that it’s summer and many women want that chiseled look without the amount of makeup and time it takes to contour.


Thankfully, everyday women who don’t have glam squads on deck wont have to think too hard about this one. Once you find your best highlighter, use your fingers to strobe in the aforementioned areas of your face. This will give you an instant glow, and add dimension to your face. I particularly prefer to do this over contouring (since I really don’t like spending that much time on my makeup in the summer). But, I love to add a good shimmer to my cheekbones and inner eyes during the summer nights.


The only thing women may want to be concerned about is drawing too much attention to skin that may have acne or problem areas. Remember: strobing is highlighting and we never want to highlight our problem areas. 

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