3 Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hairs After Your Wax

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/03/2015 | 02:18 PM EDT

'Cause bumps and irritation are never a good look "downtown"


Oh, it’s finally the first big holiday of the summer and many of us will be heading to the beach. You know what that means: we’re all booked up for our bikini waxes, ready to look like a beach bombshell. However, many of us fear dealing with the after affects of ingrown hairs and other irritations.


Here are three ways to prevent ingrown hairs on your bikini line before they start.


First of all, what are ingrown hairs? They’re little hairs that have curled around and grown back into your skin instead of out of it.


Now, that we’ve gotten that straight, here are the best ways to prevent ingrown hairs from happening.


Exfoliate the area you’re about to get waxed, beforehand

This will help get rid of any dry skin cells and release any trapped hairs before your wax occurs. You can either use a loofah or create your own scrub with brown sugar and olive oil.


Apply a solution to the area right after you get your wax

Sometimes you need something strong that works to prevent your ingrown hairs. We suggest Tend Skin. It’s one of the best skincare solutions for ingrown hairs and even razor burns, and can be found at Target.


Do not wear tight fitting clothes after your wax

This will prevent your skin from chafing and will prevent ingrown hairs from forming. You also want to wear clothes that are made of cotton or linen so that the area breathes. 

(Photo: Blend Images/Jon Feingersh)

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