5 Beauty Products You Should Never Share with Others

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/29/2015 | 04:40 PM EDT

Sometimes you just have to leave your girl hanging...

Oh, how we love to stand in the bathroom with our girls, talking smack and swapping lipsticks and mascaras. It’s a girls’ thing, you know? But, what we may not know is that we could be spreading infections by sharing our beauty products.


Not all of our favorite pieces of makeup are exempt from sharing. But, the below five should be completely off limits.



The eyes say it all, and carry it all too. Your eyes and eyelids are prone to hosting a multitude of bacteria, such as herpes simplex and the pink eye. Sharing mascara is a huge no-no.


Lipstick and Lip gloss: 

This is one you should already know. But, in case you don’t, let us remind you that as fun as it is to share and swap our lipsticks with each other, its also very unsafe. Your mouth is the easiest source of infections; so the next time you think about swapping that lipstick, think twice.


Makeup sponges:

The beauty blender has become a woman’s best friend. But, it’s no friend to sharing. The spongy material holds bacteria so easily and can spread like a wildfire to other people. Do yourself a favor on only use your beauty blender on clean skin (and keep your friends’ hands off).



Yes, this one was a shocker to us too. But, sometimes your when you pluck your eyebrows, the removal of the follicle can cause bleeding. That blood can transfer to your tweezer and boom, cause infection if you swap with someone else. The good things is that if you want to share your tweezers, you can get a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol and wipe it down beforehand.



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