How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/24/2015 | 03:26 PM EDT

There is nothing cute about applying your beat with a dirty brush

Having clean makeup brushes is an ally for maintaining healthy, clear skin. Why? Because bacteria can build up in your brushes after multiple uses, and re-apply to your skin as you apply your makeup.


Here, we’ve offered a few tips to help you keep your makeup brushes clean and keep your skin clear.


Tip #1: Purchase a good brush cleanser

If you don’t want to spend money on a cleanser, you can also use antibacterial soap and olive oil, or dish soap and olive oil. However, if you want a few recommendations for a good cleanser, try the below:


Sephora Collection Master Cleanse Daily Brush Cleaner, $8.50

Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser, $6.99


Tip #2: Cleanse your brushes properly

You may have heard of various ways to actually clean your brushes. But, let us share the most common way makeup artists and professionals clean them.


What you’ll need:

A small bowl

A clean cloth or towel

Your preferred cleanser

A sink


Run your brushes under lukewarm water, rinsing out any excess makeup. Try to avoid the part where the brush and handle meet to prevent loosening the glue. Fill up your bowl with lukewarm water and your cleanser (equal parts). Gently swirl your brushes in the bowl and then use your hands to work up a good lather. Rinse your brushes, and then repeat about 3 times.


Once you’re done, gently pat your brushes with your clean cloth to remove excess water, and then lay your brushes flat to dry.


Tip #3: Do this once a week

Pick any day of the week where you clean your brushes. This only takes a good 20 minutes to do (unless you’re a professional makeup artists with a good amount of brushes).



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