5 Makeup Products Every Grown Woman Needs

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/24/2015 | 12:40 PM EDT

...Because if you don't know, now you know!

As grown women, it’s important to understand what we need to look our best, without overspending just because something is trendy. So, for the ladies who are just starting to wear makeup (or for those who don’t know where to begin), we’ve listed the 5 most important makeup products you really need.


Your best foundation:

First and foremost, every grown woman should take time out of her busy schedules to find her best foundation. We gave you a list of brands that cater many of their foundations to Black women. But, what you’ll have to do is get on your feet and begin to scout for that perfect match. Your best starting point is to hit a beauty counter at your closest department store, and let the professionals guide you.


Your everyday blush that makes your skin glow:

Some Black women have still expressed their apprehension for blush. But, blush is the key component to warming up your skin tone and adding a glow to your face. Finding your best shade shouldn’t be too hard. For the most part, oranges, mauves and even bronze colors look great on Black women. You can find your best orange or coral color for spring and summer, and find your best mauve for fall and winter. Once you’ve found your go-to product, you’re set for life.


An easy-to-apply eyeliner:

Not all eyeliners are created equally. Some are gels, some are liquids and others are pencils. For beginners, I always recommend pencils or gel liners. You can even get an easy to use combine pencil/gel liner, like the Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner. With this liner, you’ll never have to worry about sharpening the pencil and it’s completely waterproof. It’s also very easy to apply.


Your favorite mascara that makes your lashes pop:

This will also take some time to find. Not because it’s hard to find a good mascara, but it’s a little challenging to find the mascara that really meets your requirements. If you have straight, thin lashes, you’ll want a thickening mascara that also curls. If you have curly lashes that are short, you’ll want a lengthening mascara. The list goes on and on. Your best bet is to look at your lashes, determine what kind you have, and determine what you want your mascara to do for you.


The perfect nude lipstick:

Why nude? Because no matter the occasion, time of day or outfit you’re wearing, you can never, ever go wrong with a nude lipstick. Period. When all else fails, a nude lipstick can seal your beauty deal. The trick is to figuring out what kind of nude lipstick looks best on your complexion and undertone. And lip color options are endless. You could go super bold or super light. You could go matte, or glossy. It all depends on your preference. My advice: hit up Sephora and play around in colors. Go with a girlfriend to get a second eye and have some fun while you do it!

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