6 of The Best Brow Shapers You Should Buy

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/19/2015 | 02:42 PM EDT

Brows are back in business, so make sure yours are on point

The brow is the queen of your face; when it’s off, so is the rest of your look. Having full, lush and appropriately shaped brows can completely transform your face from humdrum to high profile. So, to help you ladies get your best brow, we took a few brow shapers for the road test. Below are the 6 top products we can confidently recommend, from amateur to expertise use.


For the amateurs:

Don’t feel bad that filling in your brows to their best bet isn’t your strongest beauty feat. It really does take a while to get in the habit of understanding how to not over fill-in your brows, or throw off the arch. We recommend you beginning with simple tools, like the ones below, to help you practice your banging brow.


Pixi Natural Brow Duo: This pencil and setting gel in one is a retractable pencil angled to make it easy for amateurs to apply their best brow. The setting gel helps keep brows in place; perfect for the summer weather.


Sephora Fall in Line Brow Stencil Kit: Containing 6 reusuable brow stencils, this kit will help you create the best shape for your brow in the easiest way possible. Equipped with a firm brush to apply the powder, your brows will look natural and lush, without the fuss.


For the mid-level experienced beauty women:

You pretty much know how to apply your makeup, how your brows should look and what looks best on your complexions. But while you may be up to date on what looks best on your face, you’re probably still working on perfecting your brow on your own. Below are the best tools for you to consider.


Lamik Celebrity Brow Kit: It’s pricey, but you’ll get an amazing brush, brow power and highlighter. Not bad, since this product will probably last you for a good year. Oh, and you’ll be investing in a Black owned company.


L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Sculptor: Another duo with a brow and a highlighter attached this product is a cheaper version of the aforementioned. The highlighter isn’t really the best for Black women. But the pencil is super easy to apply and long lasting.


For the expert ladies who just get it:

No explanation is needed: you know what you’re doing. We just want to put you on to our top two products we love right now.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz: This mechanical pencil is precise, equipped with an ultrafine, retractable tip to fill in small and large gaps in your brows. The brush is also so definitive, that it grabs all of our brow hairs in one swoop.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Brow Wow Defining Longwear Pencil: This pencil is waterproof, retractable and has a built in brush to make sure you brows are sharp. The pencil is also said to be unbreakable, making it completely worth the investment.

(Photo: Rick Gomez/Corbis)

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