3 Beauty Tricks You Should Do the Minute You Hop off a Plane

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/18/2015 | 09:36 AM EDT

Keeping yourself fabulous while traveling is a summer must

This is the season where many of us (if we’re lucky) will be hopping on and off of planes, traveling across the world. While the pleasure of being able to see the world and experience enriching new cultures, the toll that flights take on our skin and hair is real. Most women have no idea that there are a few beauty tips and tricks that enhance your travel time. But of course, that’s why you have us.  Prepare to follow these following tips for your next in-flight trip and get ready to travel fabulously.


Drink Your Water Like a Fish While on the Plane, and Once You’re Off

You’ll have to go to the bathroom, sorry. But drinking ample amounts of water while on the plane will prevent dry skin and keep your blood flow going strong. The dry air in the plane sucks the life out of our skin, and many times we don’t even know it. To help prevent this, drink loads of water while you’re in the air and immediately after you’re off. Buy one or two liter bottles and get your sip on.


Apply a Moisturizer or Refresher Water to Your Face

This is the easier tip. Many of us get off a plane and immediately head to the restroom. While you’re taking your after-flight bathroom break, add a layer of moisturizer to your face to help restore hydration. If you have on makeup, use refresher water like the Evian Mineral Water Spray Duo To Go. If you have very dry skin, opt for something even richer in hydration like the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.


Throw on a Mask Once You Arrive at Your Destination

Okay, so this may not be what you’ll do the minute you hop of a plane. But, once you’ve gotten to your hotel or alternative destination, put on a mask. Seriously. Slap that bad boy on for 15 minutes while unpacking your bags. Your skin will thank you for it. Need a suggestion? Try one from the Sephora Mask Collection assortment.


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