7 Beauty Myths That Dark Women Should Stop Believing…Now!

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/17/2015 | 10:05 AM EDT

Girl, forget what you thought or heard, here's the real...

That we don’t need sunscreen: Yes, having more melanin in your skin can help protect you from sun damage, but only to an extent. Women with darker complexions still need to use SPF.


That bright colors aren’t suitable for our skin tones: Bold hues look stunning on dark skin. They pop, they shine and they bring fabulous attention us. It’s not about the color, but the shade of the color. Never let someone tell you you can’t rock an orange blush or popping purple lip.


That creating a nude face is merely impossible: It’s all about coordinating the best nude hues with your undertone. Our nudes consist of taupes, browns and bronzers. Finding your best nude lip consists of finding a lip color that coincides with your complexion and the color of your lips. A nude, barely there made up face can be achieved with the right shadow color, best bronzer, perfectly matched concealer and foundation and rich lipstick.


That red lipstick is not our friend: The late For Brown Girl’s creator Karyn Washington was on to something when she started the #DarkSkinRedLipProject. You can see that Black women of all hues look fabulous in red lips, especially darker Black women.


That we can’t rock blond hair: Actually, we can rock blonde, blue, purple and grey. Okay?


That all dark women have kinky hair: We all, as Black women, have various hair textures. And they are all beautiful. But for some reason, some people still have this idea that if you’re dark, you have thick kinky hair. And while thick, kinky hair is beautiful, this myth is so untrue.


That the perfect foundation for our complexions doesn’t exist: It takes time, but finding our perfect foundations isn’t impossible. Some times, it may take mixing foundations to find the exact match. Other times, it’s about finding the right companies that make foundations for darker women.


That you’re pretty for a dark skin girl: Nope, we’re pretty, period.


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