The Only 5 Daily Skin Care Products You Need

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/12/2015 | 02:54 PM EDT

It may be time to par down your regimen

When it comes to having an amazing skin care regimen, keeping it simple and to the point may be your best bet. Listed below are the only products you need to purchase for fabulous skin.


Product 1: A good cleanser

You’ll need one for winter and summer (if you live in a seasonal area). Make sure it treats your specific needs. If you’re up to it, look into a facial cleansing tool to aid you in getting rid of gunk and obtained a deep cleanse.


Product 2: A restoring toner

Most women skip out on a toner, thinking it will dry their skin out. But toner helps restore balance in the skin and remove any excess residue. Again, I swear by the fresh Rose Floral Toner.


Product 3: An amazing moisturizer or facial oil

You just need to find your moisturizing beat. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’re good to go.


Product 4: A facial scrub

Keep your skin bright and dull-free with a gentle facial scrub. If you’re not sure of where to begin, try the Botanics Pure Bright Purifying Face Scrub, found at Target. Use your scrub twice a week, preferably at the beginning and end of the week.


Product 5: A really, really good mask

Yes, I talked your ear off about multi-masking. But, if anything, I just want you to find a great mask that you can apply twice a week to target your most needed skin issues.

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