The Ultimate List of Beauty Trends Black Women Should Try for Summer

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/10/2015 | 09:53 AM EDT

We made it easy for you to check off your summer beauty bucket list

The list goes on and on of fabulous trends and tricks that we should be rocking this season. But we’ve chosen our favorites. Get ready to experiment and look great while doing so!


Barely there makeup: Because this is the perfect time to embrace minimal makeup and show off that fabulous face of yours.


Orange lips: Go bold or go home. Nude lipsticks are so 2014.


Brown eye shadow: It may sound weird, but brown shadow just may be the trick to creating that even, barely there makeup look you’ve been dying to perfect. It also makes for sultry eyes at night.


Graphic eyeliner: Take your liquid liner, and take a ride on the wild side. Play with shapes and even extend your winged liner.


Metallic eye shadow: Use your middle finger tip and apply lightly on your lids.


Thick eyebrows: Fill in those brows and add a full, rich brow to your look. Don’t forget to set with brow gel!


Smokey eyes: This trend is usually for fall and winter, but this time, replace the typical black and gray shadow with a rich, dark purple or dark blue shade.


Ombre lips: Line your lips with a bold pink lip liner, and fill in with a fun orange lipstick!


Orange blush: Orange blush is the Black woman’s best friend. It adds warmth and a natural hit of sunshine to your skin tone.


Lavender lips: It’s the perfect alternative for the weekend. Accentuate with a flared false lash and sweep on a mauve blush.


Flash tattoos: They’re the best alternative to gaudy, heavy jewelry in the heat.


Chocolate lips: Nude lips are an easy go-to, but chocolate lips are sexy and sultry.


Doll baby lashes: Get them done professionally for a girl’s night out or special occasion. It’ll take you back to your younger, innocent days.


A touch of bright liner: Is a metallic gold liner too scary for you? Then just add a layer to your bottom lash, and layer with a few coats of mascara.


Waterlined eyes: For that natural, sultry look, line the inside of your eyes (carefully) and add two coats of mascara.


Deep berry lips: They’re not just for fall. The only difference when rocking them in the summer is to pair them with minimal makeup on the rest of your face.


Showgirl makeup: Glitter, lashes and sparkle make for a fun weekend mini-makeover!



(Photo: Jason Homa/Blend Images/Corbis)

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