Nas' Daughter Unleashes Inner Business Mogul With 'LipMatic'

Beauty & Style | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 01/23/2015 | 03:45 PM EST

Destiny Jones launches lip gloss line inspired by her hip-hop dad

Nas’ daughter, Destiny Jones, is on a mission to make a name for herself and build an empire of her own with a lip gloss line called LipMatic.

The name of the beauty business venture takes a page from her famous dad’s now iconic debut album, Illmatic. Quite the clever marketing and branding approach, if you ask us. But it’s just the brand name that shows any trace of her hip-hop parental. The young entrepreneur was smart enough to include her name (“by Destiny Jones) in marketing material, drawing a line of individuality and visibility separate from her pops.

Currently available on, the line comes in four different shades including “Life’s A Peach,” “P.LU.M State of Mind,” “Cherry Love” and “Cotton Candy Lane.”

But if you’re thinking Jones is your typical spoiled celebrity kid making their foray into an industry they know nothing about, think again. On her Instagram account Jones can be seen giving tips on things like how to properly apply your lip gloss.

“Ladies - one of our favorite tips to make lip gloss go on smooth is to first exfoliate lips with a wet toothbrush,” she writes. “Chapped lips are never cute under gloss!”

While he may not be involved with the lip gloss line, Nas was sure to show his baby girl a little love on her new business venture.

“It's so ILL to see @LipMatic launch. Scoop that up! Made for beautiful lips everywhere.... Created by my very own Princess Destiny. It's great to watch her plans unfold! #lipmatic,” he shared on his Instagram page along with a company image (shown above).

You have to love and respect a young woman of color going after her own. Check it out for yourself.

(Photo: Nas via Instagram)

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