'eLo' Organic Line Seeks To Transform Lip Care Industry

Beauty & Style | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 11/03/2014 | 02:45 PM EST

New line creates balms containing essential, all-natural ingredients for healthy lips

When most people think of skin care, they almost never think of their lips. One line of products is seeking to not only dominate the somewhat untapped industry, but change the way you think about moisturizing your lips.

eLo™ focuses not just on a product that will make your lips feel smooth and rejuvenated, but on carefully assembled line of lip balms that are healthy and organic.

“We all know that our lips are one of the first things affected by the constant change of weather,” reads the product’s website. “They lack moisture and become dry and chapped. Using eLo™ Organic Lip Care is a wonderful way to ensure that your lips receive the best care possible.”

Using Jojoba Oil and other natural antioxidants and healing ingredients, eLo lip products do not contain the usual unhealthy pesticides or chemicals commonly found in many lip care products.

The eLo essentials unisex collection provides you with a “DAY” lip balm for when out in the sunlight (contains spf15, avocado oil and peach extracts), a “NIGHT” lip balm with vitamin e, among other ingredients, and BROWN lip scrub that contains macadamia oil, organic raw cane brown sugar, and organic wildflower honey.

The line also has a PINK and SANGRIA lip balms for all day wear. Both balms are paired with a higher sheen and vivid colors.

“A nice amount of women love a good lip, and will apply matte lipsticks and high sheen glosses to enhance the lips. Unfortunately most lip products on the market are chalk full of drying agents,” says eLo founder Timothy George. “With eLo MINT you can easily and organically scrub away all those pesky chemicals and claim your soft lips back.”

“eLo was created to be simple and uncomplicated, organic and fresh. Lip care that inspires you to feel your very best,” he adds.

All products contain five ingredients or less, and the best part? They’re completely natural and edible, and affordable!

Though we don’t often think about our lips as deserving of such attention and quality treatment, it’s refreshing to know there are better options out there for us.

Check out eLo organic lip care at www.eLoLipCare.com.

(Photo: eLo)

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