The 5 Best Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin in the Fall

Beauty & Style | M. Yvette | 10/07/2014 | 11:45 AM EDT

Maintain your natural glow with these helpful beauty tips

When it comes to our skin, we have to be sure to switch up our routines per season the way we switch up our wardrobe. From dryness to dullness, it's important we go the extra mile to make sure our skin maintains that glow we naturally get from the summer dewy air. So, below, we've provided 5 tips to help you keep your healthy skin radiant throughout the cold seasons.

Add more water and tea to your morning meals

If you don't do so already, drink a full glass of water (add lemon if you'd like) as soon as you wake up. Water helps get your system moving, and aids in flushing out toxins from your body. Tea is another alternative, but be sure to forgo the refined sugar or use an Agave nectar or honey for added taste. Some of the best teas for skin are green, dandelion, peppermint (great for oily skin), and chamomile (which can also be sued as topical treatments for your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles).

Invest in a humidifier

Dry air can be one of the leading causes for dull skin lacking moisture. These are portable units that will help provide moisture in the air, and they're well worth the investment. Not only will a humidifier help your skin retain its moisture, but it will also keeps your air quality high, minimizing dust and bacteria in your home.

Go heavier on the facial creams

While some women are dedicated to using natural oils on their skin, others still dedicate themselves to creams and lotions. But during the colder months, it's very important to go a little heavier on the facial creams and lotions, and add an eye cream to the batch if you don't already use one. The dry, winter air will suck the moisture out of your skin, if you let it. Be sure to ask for samples of facial creams before you fully purchase one, just to be sure that you like the product.

Add a midday mist to your facial routine

If you work in a corporate office, the air quality is likely dry and even a bit chilly at times. Rarely is it ever warm enough in big corporate offices. And for that, we recommend keeping a facial mist at your desk. You can create your own by purchasing rose water and a mist bottle, or invest one. The midday mist will liven up your skin and add a splash of moisture. One of our favorites is the Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz. It's perfect for dull skin and won't smudge your makeup.

Exfoliate once a week

It may sound odd, but exfoliating in the winter time is essential to maintaining radiant skin. Once a week, a good dry brushing of the body and sugar scrub on the face before you hop in the shower will do you justice. My suggestion is to exfoliate on dry, not damp skin. You'll reap the benefits of really scrubbing off those dry cells and revealing radiant, fresh skin after your wash. Be sure to invest in a good dry brush for your body, and again, ask for samples of facial scrubs so that you can ensure you like the one you plan to use. If you need a good recommendation for a facial scrub, try the fresh Sugar Face Polish. It's a bit pricey, but a highly rated product on my list.

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