Is It Ever OK to Let Your Teenager Get Plastic Surgery?

Beauty & Style | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 03/14/2014 | 11:00 AM EDT

More and more teens are becoming self-conscious about their physical appearance, some even being bullied for it. Is going under the knife the answer?

While plastic surgery to many adults is a perfectly logical and permissible step to achieving their desired look, is it an equally embraced solution for teens who, too, are not satisfied with what mother nature gave them?

Chances are most adults who endorse cosmetic surgery would not hold that same sentiment if the recipient were a teen. But if your child, niece or nephew came to you because they were unhappy with their body size or type, would you sympathize with their desire to go under the knife?

Teens today face many pressures to look a certain ideal, probably far more than any other generation that preceded them. With the entertainment industry and Hollywood serving as stand-in babysitters, it’s rather easy for teenagers to fall prey to the influences of looking picture perfect. From magazines to television, beauty and fitness have become necessary ideals that many youngsters feel they have to obtain.

From big, perky boobs to the perfect booty, young girls across the country are becoming victims of beauty norms that only include a small few and exclude most. But girls aren’t alone. Boys too feel the pressure, even if not as widespread. Whether wanting a thinner nose or removing unwanted body fat, there are a host of cosmetic requests teens are turning to as justification for plastic surgery. But the types of procedures don’t have to be so extreme. Some teens are even opting for less dramatic changes like veneers.

Many news outlets over the past couple of years have explored the phenomenon of cosmetic surgery among teens, most of which have been linked to some form of school bullying. Teenagers who were teased for their physical appearance were often impelled to want to change the way they look. Considering the amount of suicides that have occurred at the hands of youngsters being bullied by peers, could it be making way for a generation of parents allowing their teens to go under the knife as a way to achieve happiness?

While the number of parents allowing their kids to change their physical appearance are probably few at best, it’s surely gained quite the amount of attention as of late. However, no matter the circumstances, teens should be encouraged to love who they are regardless of what others say. While they are free to do whatever they want with their own money when they are consenting adults, maybe it’s best parents invest in a therapist to boost their teen’s confidence rather than a cosmetic doctor.

Should teens be allowed to get cosmetic surgery? Are there exceptions?

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