Bold, Beautiful and All Brooklyn: The Brooklynettes Are A Slam Dunk!

Beauty & Style | By Danica Daniel | 01/03/2013 | 07:55 AM EST

Get to know the cheerleader squad and why they are so much more

Forget what you think you know about cheerleading - because long gone are the days of glistening, pompoms, accordion pleated mini skirts and Be aggressive. B-E aggressive chants. The Brooklynetts, an all star-team of beauties gathered from all walks of professional dance, crush the stereotypical mold.

Their urban appeal, which members describe as chic, cool and edgy, has garnered the team of 20 (from a lot of 400 hopeful applicants) some exclusive press of their own. Their uniforms, born from the creative thought cloud of designer David Dalrymple (Beyonce, Patricia Field), and styled in the same black & white color scheme as the team outfits, are, simply put: street. We go hard, Dalrymple told New York Magazine of his designs. We needed to find that bridge of street fashion that can actually work on the court.

And work they do. The body hugging spandex tights, graffiti scribed sports bras and ode-to-hip-hop Adidas kicks are not only eye-popping, but also eye grabbing. Everything about the bombshell babes, led by team captains Jessica Goldstone and Siobhan St. John, screams Brooklyn. Their make-up and hair is even styled and dyed by local BK businesses like City-Chemist and Brooklyn Heights' own Heights Salon.

Everyone wants to dance in New York, said Kimberlee Garris, director of entertainment marketing for the Nets and a former Knicks dancer said of the Brooklynettes well-earned popularity. Theyre among the highest-paid professional dancers in the league.

Though theyre thoroughly committed to their night jobs including attending all home games, three-hour practices twice a week, occasional publicity events and international trips during the NBAs off season the majority of the members spend their time off teaching yoga or dance classes, booking music videos and commercial gigs, and/or pursuing advanced degrees. At least two ladies are pursuing their MAs in Special Education and Psychology, respectively.

Their cutting edge choreography, developed by industry heavyweights like Tanisha Scott (choreographer of Biggie Smalls bio pic "Notorious") and Rhapsody James (Beyonce, "Get Me Bodied" & "Dance 4 You") even inspired the team to host and teach a dance class titled "Choreography with the Brooklynettes at Crunch Gyms Fort Greene outpost.

The vibe is so different," explained team coach Adar Wellington. In New Jersey, you wouldnt see that as much, but in Brooklyn, were the star team. This is our season. Its really good to be a part of that first year.

Hello Brooklyn. And say hello to the Brooklynettes.

(Photo: NYMag)
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