King's Ransom
Steve Harvey Show
Video Girl

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From The Bottom Up

A group of women rebuild, after falling from grace

The Bronner Bros. Hair Battle

Tamar Braxton Hosts 2016 Bronner Bros. Hair Battle

You Should Be Watching...

Dwight Eubanks

“I’m sick of hearing about…internet…”

Tipping With Style

Pro hairstylists break down rules for tipping!

Kids or Nah?

Should you bring your little ones to the hair salon?

Lacefront Do’s and Don’ts

Miss Lawrence, Dwight Eubanks and RazorChic got the 411!

You Mad Or Nah?!

Do men have a problem with female barbers?


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Future Moves

Future's Link To Scottie Pippens Divorce Confirmed

For The Record

50 Cent's Son's Mom Exposes His History of Domestic Violence

Laying In The Shade

Tamar Braxton On Toya Wright: "I Only Beef With The Devil"

Stop The Track

Kanye West Now Refusing To Perform "Ni**as In Paris" On Tour

Creuz Control

R&B Singer/Songwriter Coline Creuzot Is The Truth


Un-Holy Move

Youth Pastor Forced Teenage Boys Into Prostitution

A Damn Shame

Man Pleads Guilty to Raping and Filming 6-Year-Old Boy

Healing Hand

Bishop Eddie Long: "God Has Healed Me"

Geriatric Pusher

Grandma Arrested For Smuggling $500K Worth Cocaine on Flight

Missing The Mark

Gun Store Advertises ‘Pre-Hillary’ Sale

Life & Love

Shondia's Survival Story

“It was my decision to have both breasts removed…”

Rana Walker's Survival Story

“This happened to me, for me, to help other people…”

Nicole's Survival Story

“It was very critical that I have that support system…”

Giselle's Survival Story

“I never expected to have breast cancer…”

Eat Your Heart Out

7 Heart Healthy Eats and Drinks

Beauty & Style

Keep It Cute

Yes, You Have to Prepare Your Skin for Fall

Save It For Fall!

Summer clothes to wear in fall!

Fall Fashion Is Back!

6 Practical Ways To Help You Develop A New Look for Fall

Fashion & Beauty

5 Fashion Staples for Fall's Awkward Weather Patterns

Fall Fashion Forward

‘The Ladies Room’ gets expert help from Julee Wilson.

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